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Sunday, November 18, 2012

How to apply to a job

This post is so important for the new freelancers. It is composed of too much techniques by which a freelancer can make his/her career. It is dedicated to those new freelancers.

How to apply to a job:

• As soon as you complete your profile, you can start building a targeted search to apply for jobs. Searchfor jobs that best match your personal requirements, professional experience and skill set. When youperform an oDesk job search, you can save it. These are called saved searches and they can beemailed to you. Search for specific job skills The Find Jobs page allows you to search all potential jobs.Filter your search results to improve productivity. Focus on your strongest job skills and build your jobsearches to simplify your search for the perfect job. Browse by category or skill. The most basic jobsearch is to browse by category or skill. The default sort order for search results is by the most recentdate posted. However, don't ignore older job posts. They may be a perfect match for your skills. Butremember your chances of being invited to interview may be less. Older jobs have more competitionand the client may no longer be actively reviewing new applicants. Use specific keywords. Your best betis to run a keyword search with specific qualifications. The keywords must be an exact match. For example, a search for "Tech Writer," will not return results for jobs titled, "Technical Writer." Review the results. Job search results display as a simple list with 10 results per page. They include a basic overview of the job and the client. You will see the job title, required skills, payment terms and the beginning of the description. Hovering over a job posting will highlight it for easier reading and make the
Apply button appear. Click on the title to read the full job details. Filter Job Searches. Use the Advanced link (located next to the search box) to change your search keywords and the right sidebar to adjust your filters. The search results automatically update as you make adjustments. Try a number of combinations. You can filter your results by category, sub category, job type, workload, duration, client ratings, number of hires by clients and the posted since date. Saved Searches. Track your potential joblistings and create RSS or Atom Feed job alerts. Use the Save This Search link to save job searches.Create email job alerts in the Save This Search form.
• Create a killer cover letter Carefully create an outstanding cover letter. You cannot gracefully change a first impression (and cover letter) once you submit it. Follow these field-tested best practicesrecommended by the most successful oDesk contractors: Read each job posting carefully. You, as a contractor, are expected to understand all job specifications before you accept a contract. Use your cover letter to repeat the contract details as both a way to individualize your communication, as well as confirm your understanding of your client's needs. Briefly confirm specific requirements, scope,deadlines or fees. Use the same keywords your potential client uses to minimize confusion, rather than your own terms to describe aspects of the job posting. Answer all questions a potential client includes in the job description to prove your willingness to follow directions. Follow all Terms and Conditions. It is your responsibility as a contractor to understand and follow all terms and conditions provided by a potential client. In addition, oDesk provides Job Application Guidelines that everyone is expected to follow. For example, sharing direct contact information before the interview phase is an oDesk policy violation; such exchanges could make you an easy target for unscrupulous clients. Use plain text; don't apply fancy style sheets. The cover letter entry field is a basic plain text editor. You cannot "decorate"your information with bold, italic, headings or hyperlinks. oDesk will turn your plain text URLs into clickable hyperlinks. Make your content uniquely you. Compose a new killer cover letter rather than reusing a generic template. Avoid copying the same cover letter over and over. Individualize your letter by confirming a potential client's specific job requirements. Client read many cover letters; they can tell copy-pasted spam from a custom job application.

• Note TOP TIP: It is more likely that if you take time to create a custom cover letter, clients will want to take time to interview you. Clients receive and review many applications and cover letters. Address the client's specific needs with your specific skills, experience and job-related examples or personalscenarios. Be candid. Provide a credible solution to their needs. Say hello in a friendly way. If you know the client's name, then use it. If you don't know their name, say, "Dear Hiring Manager," in a gender-neutral way. Avoid "To Whom It May Concern" or "Dear Sir." Neither salutations add warmth or value and may even be considered offensive or "spammy". Make your first sentence compelling. Your introduction provides a first-impression and summary of your qualifications for the job. Your first line isvisible to all potential clients who scan the candidate list. Make it as compelling as you can.
Always check spelling and word count. Write your killer cover letter in a text editor of your choice. Your cover letter should be about 200 to 250 words. Take time to check spelling, awkward wording and grammar.Another great idea is asking a friend to proofread it for you. Be specific about who and what you are.Crystallize your ideas in simple declarative sentences. Be brief, but clear. State your availability and how many hours you can work each week separate from job skills and professional experience. Befrank and realistic. Remember that your potential client will very likely depend on your what you say here to reach their decision. Provide examples of job-related work. Did you reference examples in your profile portfolio? Link directly to relevant examples of your work whenever possible. Explain how your examples relate to the job. Summarize what you offer to prospective clients. Close your killer coverletter by repeating your interest in their job and your understanding of the client's needs. Tell them which media you prefer for interviews (Skype voice, Yahoo chat, etc.). Do include your local time zone and availability, but do not include your actual contact IDs. Allow a potential client to respond with their contact and scheduling information to arrange a job interview.

 • Example Check out a sample cover letter. Use it for inspiration, but don't try to copy it exactly! Now you are ready to apply to jobs Clients seek the best candidates; successful contractors seek jobs that showcase job skills, bring excellent feedback and put money in the bank. Here are some things to consider before you submit your killer cover letter. Are you selective in your job search? Even though any contractor may apply for any job, job applications work best when they are selective. Success comes to those who only apply for jobs that "fit." If a job post specifies Preferred Qualifications and you do not meet the stated qualifications, don't waste a potential client's time, not to mention your own time. Would you hire a contractor that didn't meet your needs and skill requirements? Do you know anything about this prospective client? Find out as much as you can from the job posting and elsewhere online. Earnings and verification badges show client facts, including total paid, verification status, posting versus hiring statistics and location. Look for stars that measure the overall feedback score and total number of feedbacks. oDesk guarantees payments on hourly contracts with verified clients, but it is still your job to check out potential clients. What is your job application limit? oDesk sets a limit or quota on the number of job applications you can submit. However, it is not a requirement you must fulfill. You
increase your job application quota by successfully completing the oDesk Readiness Test, verifying your identity and then taking additional free skills tests. Are you a proactive contractor? Check your oDesk Message Center or the personal email linked to your oDesk account for messages from clients.Go to your Job Applications page to accept or decline invitations. Communicate clearly and in a timelymanner.After you spent some time and effort searching for work, creating a killer cover letter and applying for aspecific contract, you will find a great job and will need our next article: Start a New Contract.

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